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The Noar Foundation Team


Headquartered in the US, right outside of Washington DC, the Foundation works currently in Sub-Saharan Africa, with our efforts specifically concentrated in Northern Togo and Northern Ghana.

The overarching goal of the Noar Foundation for Global Health and Development is to improve quality of life and foster overall development in small rural communities in Africa. These are the people behind scenes:



Mark Noar, MD, Director

The Noar Foundation seeks to enhance the quality of life of people of developing nations and create a coordinated global approach to overall development at the local community level.

By emphasizing and synchronizing improvements in healthcare delivery, economic empowerment, educational advancement, respect for the environment and the richness of cultural diversity, communities are enabled to experience sustainable socioeconomic growth allowing for the preservation of the family, social and community identity.

The Foundation's unique and successful approach to global! model programming is designed to facilitate interest to duplicate and disseminate similar, although locally adapted, efforts in other communities, and serve as a learning center for the export and dispersal of ideas, equal opportunity, and sustainable growth.


Pauline Jeannerot - Director of Programs and Development

Pauline Jeannerot graduated from a Parisian university where she obtained her masters in trilingual international management. After multiple experiences working in universities, she developed a passion for international development and decided to join the Foundation.

Strengthened by her experience in the corporate world, Pauline is in charge of program development in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Part of her duties also includes creating and sustaining partnerships with other NGOs, elaborating educational material and fund raising.
She describes herself as a “geek” and loves to manage the communication of the Foundation using social networking and designing brochures.


Sheila Kinkade - Writer and filmmaker

A writer and filmmaker, Sheila Kinkade captures the stories of grassroots visionaries whose innovative solutions to local challenges transformed their communities. Over two decades, Sheila has completed assignments for a range of international development organizations and currently serves as Marketing Manager of the International Youth Foundation. A graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism, Sheila is co-author of Our Time is Now: Young People Changing the World and four nonfiction children’s books celebrating our world as a common home.

Charles Piot - Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology

Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Duke University, where he also has a joint appointment in African and African American Studies. His primary area of specialization is the political economy and culture history of rural West Africa, especially Togo. His first book, Remotely Global: Village Modernity in West Africa (University of Chicago Press, 1999) attempted to re-theorize a classic out-of-the-way place as within the modern and the global. The book was co-winner of the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Amaury Talbot Prize for Africanist Anthropology and a finalist for the African Studies Association’s Herskovits Prize. His recently-published Nostalgia for the Future: West Africa after the Cold War (University of Chicago Press, 2010) explores shifts in Togolese political culture during the 1990s and beyond, a time when the NGOs and Pentecostal churches take over the organization of social and political life, filling the gap left by the withdrawal of the post-Cold War state. His new project is on the gamesmanship of Togolese applying for the US diversity lottery. Beyond Africa, Piot has research and teaching interests in African American studies, diaspora studies, pop culture, development studies, and the history of anthropology.


Matthew Ted Braid - Information Technology


Ted Braid is a Private Consultant in the field of Information Technology, and in Internet Marketing and Strategy. Ted is responsible for the design, construction, and management of this website as well as the information systems used by the foundation. Mr. Braid is a 25 year veteran of computer technology with a degree in Information Systems and Philosophy. Mr Braid's services include website maintenance as well as Internet research for the foundation.

Martin Virga - Finance manager




























































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