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Projects - Our Focus

The foundation is focused on the overall development of communities, working in health, agriculture, social, and socio-economic fields. Each of those areas is important for us, as we believe that acting on a global approach is crucial for long-lasting results.

  • Improve economy in rural communities

  • Boost access to health care

Project 1: Improve economy in rural communities

Background: Rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa are suffering from lack the lack of economic opportunities and population displacement. As many other African countries, Togo is predominantly an agricultural country, with about four-fifths of the work force engaged in farming. Leading cash crops are coffee and cocoa, followed by cotton, palm kernels, copra, peanuts, and shea nuts (karité). Efforts are under way to develop improved variety to increase productivity and build up other ways of generating incomes for small rural communities. As part of this effort, the International Foundation for Global Community Development is collaborating to promote technological interventions that will optimize coffee productivity and developing new opportunities for local people.

Objective:   Enable farmers to improve their productivity by adapting the crops to the lands and maximizing production; multiplying opportunities at the community level by introducing new technologies that will allow businesses development locally and therefore prevent population displacement.

Problem:   Due to the current farming-oriented structure of the economy, Togo is facing an ineluctable loss of population, disappearance of the local customs and community cohesiveness in rural communities. Food and cash crop production employs the majority of the labor force and contributes about 40% to the gross domestic product (GDP). Coffee and cocoa are traditionally the major cash crops for export. Even if Togo reached the self-sufficiency objective that was set, the government's decade-long effort, supported by the World Bank and the IMF, to implement economic reform measures, encourage foreign investment, and bring revenues in line with expenditures has stalled.   The NFGCD interventions:

  1. Improve cash crop farming, especially the culture of coffee, in the northern regions by adapting the crop to the land
  2. Develop cottage industries
  3. Bring solar energy technology to improve quality of life and serve as a new business opportunity

Partner institutions:

    1. Graham Knight, BioDesign http://biodesign.webeden.co.uk/

    2. Oak Ridge National Laboratory http://www.ornl.gov/


Project 2: Boost Access to Health Care

Background:  The health care situation is very less than satisfactory with a life expectancy at birth of 55 years and a high infantile mortality.

Togolese claim that one of the major reasons is the people's inability to afford the cost of drugs and services. Local herbal medications are commonplace because people can't afford modern medication. It takes a person three years of schooling after high school to become a nurse. Most are male and there are often no jobs since people are having a hard time paying, the actual existing health care centers are closing down.

Objective: Facilitate the access to health care; give women opportunities to become nurses

Problem:  Health allocations account for only 5.7 % of the national budget. Avoidable infectious and parasitic diseases are the predominant morbidity. Health care facilities are highly insufficient (one-physician for 11,230 inhabitants) and access to health care centers is often a difficult problem. Only 25% of the population in Togo has access to basic health services, despite the country's participation in the Bamako Initiative of community management and financing of health facilities.

The NFGCD interventions:

  1. Open additional clinics and health centers
  2. Carry out surveys on health to be more effective on providing access to medications and know where to build the new health centers
  3. Enhance social progress
  4. Increase agriculture productivity
  5. Enhance population awareness and understanding towards health and possible treatments
  6. Increase ratio of female employed in health sector
  7. Augment number of birth performed by skilled staff

Partner institutions:

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