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News and Media

The introduction of tea as a new cash crop in Northern Togo is a success!


The tea planted last summer has been successfully growing and is now reaching one foot. Once the roots are formed, tea is a fast growing plant. Community members should be able to harvest within the next two years.

New Age of Healthcare Cooperation in Northern Togo Announced


In the first ever cooperative development, practitioners of Western Medicine, Traditional or Herbal Healers and Spiritual Healers were brought together to coordinate healthcare for the people of Northern Togo.  This new level of cooperation establishes criteria for illness that is to be designated for Western medical treatment and provides for greater cooperation between all practitioners in the recognition and timely treatment of all disease.  These efforts were facilitated by students from Duke University and the Noar Foundation.

Kerosene lantern conversion successful


Youth were trained to turn kerosene lamps into solar ones for about $8, which is the average amount spent by a household in kerosene in 6 to 8 weeks.  It's not only a lamp; it's free light, empowerment, economic opportunity, educational advancement, and much more.  Learn about it in our solar section.

Tea Seed Nursery Opened in Northern Togo


As part of its efforts to develop cash crops for the population of Northern Togo, the Noar Foundation has opened a Tea seed nursery with an initial planting of 100 seeds.  If successful, an additional 20,000 seeds will be planted in December of 2010.  Tea is felt to me the ideal crop for this region, which has similar geography, climate and soil to the Assam tea growing region of India.

First Solar panel charging station installed in Kudwe


As one of the initial Solar programs, The Noar Foundation was installed a Solar Panel charging station in Kudwe. This first-of-its-kind facility will allow residents of the mountain to charge cell phones and cameras, and will also encourage the use of rechargeable batteries, to prevent more toxic waste from entering the environment. The installation will also allow for the initiation of a new Solar cottage industry.

Second landmark book on culture and anthropology of Togo published to favorable reviews


Dr. Charles Piot, board member of the Noar Foundation, has published his second book on the anthropological, cultural and ethnological characteristics of Togo. His current book is entitled, Nostalgia for the Future: West Africa after the Cold War, and follows his first critically acclaimed book Remotely Global.

Pilot health insurance program is a success


One year after the start of the pilot program, the results are a resounding success. All families enrolled report 100% satisfaction. Cost per family for a year of insurance was 3.80 US. Program is now looking to expand to 100 families. The Noar Foundation is working to help expand the program and gather health care statistics and provide budget planning to insure continued success.

Dr. Noar's trip to Togo

July 17th, meeting with the ONG JVE on the ground (to be confirmed). Please be sure to visit us for more updates after this date.

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