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Goals and Objectives of The Noar Foundation

Headquartered in the US, right outside of Washington DC, the Foundation works currently in Sub-Saharan Africa, with our efforts specifically concentrated in Northern Togo and Northern Ghana

We focus on the poorer rural communities, where there is a heightened need for a coordinated developmental approach to improve healthcare, agriculture, education and to develop cottage industry. These communities are essentially all subsistence farming based and there is little local industry or governmental support. As such, there is a significant threat to population retention and loss of cultural and social identity.

We provide economic empowerment opportunities, improve healthcare delivery, promote entrepreneurial initiative, and encourage coordinated sustained local growth and development, acknowledging and accommodating the anthropological and ethnological essence of targeted communities.


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Created fifteen years ago, the foundation was originally named the Digestive Health Education Foundation and primarily focused on health and education. The then and current founder, Dr. Mark Noar, then decided that, without a coordinated global community effort, projects implemented in healthcare alone would not remain viable in the long run. This is the reason why the foundation was recently reborn as The Noar Foundation and is now involved not only in health and education but it also emphasizes and integrates the development of cash crop farming, cottage industries with solar energy and African textile, with an eye towards the preservation of cultural diversity and the environment.


  • Respect: We take pride in respecting the environment, the richness and diversity of culture, and the communities where we intervene.

  • Sharing: We share what we do and how we do it.  The Foundation wants you do be able to do it too. Any question about how to replicate our work will be gladly answered.

  • Equality: We promote equality among community members, advocate for educational advancement and the empowerment of women and youth, as well as supporting access to equal opportunities.

  • Continuous improvement: The Foundation maintains ongoing efforts to continuously improve the quality of our actions, adapt to the environment in which we evolve, and launch locally adapted projects.

  • Ethics: We strive to help individuals to develop themselves to the fullest and implement projects that will be of benefit to the most vulnerable and marginalized members of society.

Goals & Objectives

The overarching goal of the Noar Foundation for Global Community Development is to improve quality of life and foster overall development in small rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Goal 1 - Strengthen the healthcare system in Africa

Improvement of health care facilities


Improve existing healthcare facilities


    • Enhanced access to rural healthcare insurance programs


Extend healthcare programs from 15 to 15 00 people in mountainous northern regions of Togo by 20XX through the multiplication of the number of 'casa de sante' to facilitate the access to medication and medical equipment, in a joint effort of the foundation and the local members of the communities.


    • By communicating towards the local communities, the foundation seeks to facilitate the access to health and change local communities members' behavior at the hands of accessing it. The expected outcome being strengthening the education of rural communities on health issues for a better understanding and willingness of medication and vaccines use on the long run.

Improved Understanding of Health Issues


By the end of the year 2012, the Noar Foundation for Global Community Development will have carried out surveys through the action of a local member towards ???? members of the local communities to identify what are the main diseases affecting the communities, who they are particularly touching and when they spread the most.


    • The foundation looks for a better understanding for itself and the members of the rural communities of the diseases in order to provide a more adapted healthcare for all.

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Goal 2 - Expand local opportunities

2.1 Improve cash crop farming


The Noar Foundation for Global Community Development is committed to improve cash crop farming in the northern high lands mountainous regions of Togo by 2012, providing guidance and knowledge to local farmers with the community support in order to improve productivity by 80% and turn subsistence farming into a more export-oriented production

  • Empower rural communities members to develop cottage industries locally by bringing know-how and technology, and developing a trade-oriented production.

  • The Noar Foundation seeks to create ownership and economic opportunities by facilitating the purchase of land among local communities members by cooperating with communities' leaders and smoothing the progress of obtaining necessary monetary resources within the next 10 years.

Impact :

    • Facilitate the emergence of Togo as a faster-growing partner in international trade and help local rural communities increase their incomes on the long-term. .

    • Develop cottage industries

    • Collaborate with communities' members and NGOs to carry a change in production structure, multiply local opportunities in order to prevent continued loss of population and disappearance of the local customs and community cohesiveness. Help preserving the community identity by increasing the number of local opportunities, therefore limiting population's displacement and dismantlement of cultural local identity.

    • Facilitate the purchase of land

2.2 Introduce Solar Energy


The Noar Foundation seeks to improve the lives of people living in rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa by introducing and developing solar technology. By 2012, the Foundation’s objective is to make solar lighting available to 500 families and encourage the development of solar micro businesses throughout the communities.


o Allow families to stop spending up to 20% of their income in fuel to aliment kerosene lamps and enable them to live in a safer, cleaner environment

o Enable kids to read at night and after hours

o Help youth set up micro solar businesses allowing recharge small electronic appliances and generate means of income locally

o Develop cottage industries

2.3 Boost the local textile industry


The Noar Foundation for Global Community Development seeks to empower local producers, designers and sellers involved in the African cloth batik trade with openings to the world’s market. By 2012, we strive to help traditional fabric designers expand their market opportunities and generate a steady income locally.


o Generate additional means of income for local communities
o Support the Togolese and Ghanaian batik industry
o Preserve an art form
o Prevent the closing of cotton mills and dying factories, as well as discourage population displacements
o Develop cottage industries






Goal 3 - Implement social progress

Promote equality and empower women


The Noar Foundation for Global Community Development strives to support equality among communities members and enhance the role of women within rural societies in Northern Togo by implementing education and training, advocating in opposition to violence against women and multiply working opportunities for those in needs; in a joint effort of the foundation and communities members in a 5 year project.


o Allow the evolution of attitudes and behaviors towards the least powerful and wealthy within the communities, promoting global improvement and a long-term progressive change in mentalities.

o Better the access to education

Goal 4: Promote Educational Advancement

Encourage Practical Education


Promote social integration and improvement of the conditions of life through education by supporting schools through donations up to 10% of the foundation's incomes every year, in partnership with local community members.


o Improve both children and adult literacy rate
o Increase farmer's knowledge to allow a rise in production
o Teach rural communities members how to build imported technologies with a transfer of competency
o Permit the development of a strong, self-sufficient local industry and an overall improvement of health and socio-economic situation through the virtuous circle of development process.

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The Noar Foundation for global community development

Donations are tax decuctible in the USA. We are registered in the USA as a 501(C)3 Not-For-Profit Organization